What To Wear With Denim

If you haven’t already seen, denim is BIG this season. Whether it’s a jacket or embroidered jeans, if you’re not wearing it, you’re not in style. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to pair your clothing with or put together something that looks amazing. Here at Dolcis we are happy to help anyone looking for style. ideas and inspiration. Below are a few fantastic ways to style your jeans.

Double Denim

No, we’re not saying go all Britney and Justin and create matching denim ensembles. Instead, a fashionable option these days is to mix and match different shades of denim. Pair with some sports luxe shoes, oversized tshirt and accessory of your choice for an in-style option.

Rainy Denim Living in the UK, we regularly have rainy days and showers. To combat this, come armed with a statement raincoat, skinny denim jeans and your favourite comfy shoes, just like the outfit seen below. You’ll be comfortable yet stylish. 

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Shine Fabric

A statement in-season shine fabric jacket is just waiting to be worn with jeans, light or dark – the choice is up to you. Take inspiration from the picture below and create your own look.

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