Shoes inspired by the Kardashians

The family we all know and love – the Kardashians – are one of the biggest sources for fashion inspiration currently around. With millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram and other social media, brands that sell-out thousands of products and a TV show we can’t miss, we don’t see them going down the lists any time soon.

Because they are such a large source of fashion inspiration, today we’re going to list some of the shoes here at Dolcis that hold their classic styles. Read more to discover some of the fabulous creations available here, with free UK delivery on orders over £30.






Kylie is arguably one of the biggest fashionistas in the Kardashian family, as she has a range of styles from feminine to more tom boy. That’s why we have picked two of our favourite shoes from our collection that you’d regularly see her wear similar styles. The first is the Estrella platform sole plimsoll in black, perfect for any summer occasion.

Estrella Platform Plimsolls

The next shoe from the Kylie-inspired collection is the Tiara block heel sandal in Nude. The Kardashians regularly rock a nude shoe, and Kylie is no exception. You’ll often find her in elegant shoes, wearing an outfit with minimal accessories to highlight statement pieces.

Tiara Block Heel Sandals

We usually never see Kim dressed down, as she always looks stunning and dressed to impress. That’s why we’ve picked the Lexi heeled sandal as her footwear choice. Fierce, sassy and with a zip on the back, this sandal encompasses the latest trends to bring together something truly spectacular.

Lexi Heeled Sandals

For Khloe, we’ve picked the Letica pointed toe court shoe. She’s known to wear a lot of court shoes, and with the current ‘in-style’ thing being snake print, these are perfect for all occasions. They can be dressed up or down to create a totally unique look.

Leticia Court Shoes


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